LoadSMART makes it easy for truck drivers and transport operators to manage truck (and trailer) axle group weights, payload and total combination weight. With today’s transport environment it is critical for truck drivers to know they are within the weight limits with CONFIDENCE.

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LoadSMART aims to meet the needs for single driver operators as well as the large fleet operators. It has been on the market since 2007 and used by many operators throughout Australia for many applications including:

– Rigid Trucks
– Truck and semi-trailer
– Truck and b-double combination
– Truck and road-train combination
– Dump trucks (mining)
– Linehaul
– Grain
– and much more….

LoadSMART aims to provide the tools required to enable drivers and transport operators to correctly and efficiently manage vehicle weights.

The LoadSMART On-Board Weighing System offers a range of models and options to suit customer requirements. Each model is differentiated by the display unit which is connected to the LoadSMART modem to wirelessly transmit data to and from the Sensor Units. Multiple vehicles can be setup on the display unit making it easy for non-dedicated truck/trailer combinations. No wiring is required between vehicles making installation very straight forward. All weights are time and date referenced making it easier to manage weights.

LoadSMART is suited for many applications and vehicle types including: Trucks, Prime Movers, Semi-trailers, Dog-trailers, B-Double, Road-Train, Tippers, Line-Haul, Waste and Tankers.

Please click on link below to go to appropriate LoadSMART product section:

A100-Series – Portable Handheld weighing system

A300-Series – Samsung Galaxy tablet (MTData terminal)

B200-Series – Truck and Trailer cabin display

FT-30M – Flintec Truck cabin display

LoadSMART On-Line Server (Optional)

LoadSMART Sensors





LoadSMART On-Line Server (Optional)

The LoadSMART On-Line Server (OLS) provides the essential tools required to manage vehicle weights. This feature is available on all windows devices which includes the G-Series and M-Series. The On-Line Server has the following features today with more to come in the future:

OLS Feature 1 – Vehicle Master List
The server has a Vehicle Master List (VLM) for each client and is a list of the vehicle configuration files. It is controlled remotely by a nominated person or team. Drivers are able to access all vehicles on the VLM to either add the vehicle or update them to the truck. A common use for this would be for fleet operation where the driver needs to access multiple trailers. The VML also acts as a back-up of all the configuration files and enables management to quickly get configuration information of a vehicle.

OLS Feature 2 – Remote Weight Calibration
The Remote Calibration feature has been designed to collect all the information required to correctly setup a vehicle configuration file and to validate the suspension performance.
Procedure: The driver obtains the axle group weights from a certified weighbridge and enters this information into the Remote Calibration screen. The Remote Calibration process then obtains the suspension data over a 30 second period and sends all this information in a Remote Calibration file to the LoadSMART server. The customer immediately receives an e-mail notification that this event has occurred. The Remote Calibration file is then used to validate suspension data and used to setup a vehicle configuration file remotely. The vehicle file is added to the VML to be accessed by the driver.

OLS Feature 3 – LoadSMART Weigh Docket
The LoadSMART Weigh Docket (LSWD) is an electronic file that contains Vehicle ID’s, date and time stamp, axle group weights (with weight stability status), total weight and payload. These weigh dockets can be saved at anytime with the press of a button and the number of LSWD per device is unlimited. At any stage the driver is able to view each of the Weigh Dockets on the device. In addition when the device has access to the LoadSMART server the LSWD is also uploaded to the server and an e-mail notification is sent to the customer with a summary of the weigh docket.

OLS Feature 4 – Local Weight Calibration or changes to vehicle configuration file
The LoadSMART system can still be used in the conventional way which is to setup the vehicle configuration file on the device. LoadSMART vehicles can be added to the device, edited on the device and weights programmed on the device. With the LoadSMART on-line server any changes to the vehicle configuration file (e.g.  weights programmed) then the new vehicle file is uploaded to the server with e-mail notification to the customer that vehicle configuration file has been changed. The new file then has to be approved before being placed on the Vehicle Master List.


LoadSMART Sensors

The LoadSMART system has many sensors available to determine vehicle weights. The current range of LoadSMART sensors include:

  • Air Pressure Transducer – This is the most common sensor and connects to the airbag suspension. These LoadSMART sensors provide high accuracy.
  • Steer Beam Deflection Transducer – The Steer Beam Deflection Transducers used by LoadSMART have been in the industry for over 20 years. They are easy to install and provide high accuracy.
  • Other sensors – We can also provide other sensors for specific applications. These include Hydraulic Pressure Transducers, Wheel Force Transducers, Rotation Sensors, Strain Gauges and Load Cells.

For more details on the Air Pressure Transducers or Steer Beam Deflection Transducers please refer to any of the product brochures in the product section.