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LoadSMART A100-Series

The LoadSMART A100-Series display consists of a rugged hand-held unit that is well suited for the trucking environment. The hand-held device is ideal for applications that require monitoring of real-time weights outside the truck cabin. It uses bluetooth communications to connect to the LoadSMART modem inside the cabin. The unit can also be used as a mobile phone with a use of a SIM card and helps to reduce the number of devices in the cabin. It also has easy access to the LoadSMART server if required, click on link below for more information on this feature. It has a 5.3” screen, operable at high and low temperatures, is waterproof and shock-resistant.

The unit operates on android which offers many benefits such as displaying date and time of the last weigh point. The main screen displays all the axle group weights for the truck and trailer combination, total weight and payload. LoadSMART also has a unique weigh docket feature that enables the operator to record weight data electronically for future reference.

The LoadSMART server provides many additional features and benefits (click here for more information).


For full product brochure on A100-Series click on link below:

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